5 Awkward Brazilian Questions, Answered
brazilian questions


So, I assume there are some awkward brazilian questions swirling around your mind that you have been too embarrassed to ask! We get it. We’re already stripping hairs away from your vahjayjay, it can often feel like an awkward time to ask those… “specific” questions…

At Alexandria Body Sugaring & More, we may chuckle with you, but we will never laugh at you. There are no awkward Brazilian questions with us. Being a woman is all 100% natural. Body hair is natural. Periods are natural. There’s nothing you can ask that would scare us away, so ask!

Here are a few questions you may need the answers to.

1.  Can I get sugared when I have my period?

It’s nice to check with your practitioner first. At Alexandria Body Sugaring & More, the answer is YES! You simply wear a tampon, tuck up the string and it won’t interfere with your sugaring. The only reason you may not choose to get sugared during your period is if you feel more sensitive during that time of the month. You know your body best!

2. How do I avoid getting ingrown hairs?

Exfoliate and moisturize! If you do that and you STILL get ingrown, there are a few options for you.

a. I highly recommend one of our very own all-natural body scrubs every time you bathe or shower.

b. Use sea salts as a soak to soften and condition the skin which will allow the hairs to pop through the top layer of skin.

c. Use a natural moisturizer to keep your skin soft. It doesn’t have to be fancy and if you can eat it, that’s even better!

d. Regular body sugaring is also key because it pulls the hair out in the natural direction of growth (reducing breakage) and it also removes the dead skin that may be blocking the hair’s path.

3. What positions should I expect to be in during my treatment?

Okay, first off, you should NEVER be asked to lay on your stomach during a Brazilian. You should NEVER be on your hands and knees during a treatment either.

At Alexandria Body Sugaring & More, you will lay comfortably your back for the majority of your Sugaring Experience with your legs in a few different positions. Leg positioning is dependent on what is easier for the sugaring practitioner. To clean up the buttocks area, you will be asked to lay on your side. It’s SO important that you always feel safe, respected and as comfortable as possible.one of

4. How can I help my hair come out easier?

Keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized will help. Dry skin is full of dead cells and brittle hair which can cause hairs to break or become ingrown. Hydrating your whole body by drinking plenty of water is always a good idea for your skin as well.

5. What’s this about removing hair from my backside?

Typically, for a full Brazilian, all the hair is removed including the backside. With all bikini hair removal, you can customize the service by leaving hair where you prefer. At the end of the day, it is up to your personal preference.

If you have questions of your own, leave a comment below and we’ll answer right here on this blog. Or you can send us an email to alexandria@bodysugaring.me

Thanks for reading!