Body Sugaring 101
body sugaring 101


Body Sugaring 101: The ‘sweet’ way to remove those pesky unwanted hairs.

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Now, this new trend may seem new, but it is actually an Egyptian practice that can be traced back to 1900 BC. Sugaring is becoming an extremely popular trend in current times as it is a very safe, affordable, and convenient method of removing hair. The method itself is simple. Using all-natural ingredients while leaving off out harsh chemicals on your body sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? That’s why we created this introduction to body sugaring 101.

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How Is Body Sugaring Made?

Sugaring uses natural ingredients including sugar, water, and lemon juice. Thus, being much kinder to the skin than waxing. That said, all sugaring methods may not be created equal.

You may find that some spas are offering this form of hair removal while using a chemical-based sugar paste gel. It is best to find a place that offers all-natural sugaring products. The premise of sugaring is beautiful in its refined simplicity. Composed of sugar, lemon, and water this product doesn’t require the use of painful strips and sticks. In terms of best practices, it is common to come across the recommendation to avoid and be mindful of double-dipping into the jar. This is with the objective of avoiding cross-contamination and the maintenance of the perfect product.

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Body Sugaring Vs Waxing

It is worthy to note that when the correct application of sugaring is followed, the sugar should not adhere to skin cells. Ideally, this concoction will only envelop the hair. When the sugar is removed, it should gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving clean, soft, glowing skin.

One of the main differences between sugaring and waxing is that waxing utilizes hot wax that is applied in the direction of hair growth. The wax is then ripped off using strips in the opposite direction. This may be incredibly painful and irritating to the skin.

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Hey Sugar, Why Sugar?

During sugaring, the paste is applied only a touch warmer than room temperature. It is then removed in the same direction as hair growth. Therefore, the hair is much easier to remove and much less painful. Isn’t that sweet?! Over time, and with consistent sugaring visits, the hairs may refine and diminish. This is due to the potential of the hair follicles dying. Another bonus to proper sugaring is that all you have to do to remove the residue is rinse with tepid water! No more dealing with painful remaining wax that leaves skin red and sore!