Is Sugaring The Holy Grail Of Hair Removal?
hair removal


Nowadays, there may be too many options for hair removal.

Everyone seems to have a favourite method of removing body hair. Sadly, this isn’t always the most pleasant experience. We’re going to walk you through the many different modalities of hair removal and let you decide for yourself which method works best for you. Of course, we have an affinity for body sugaring. However, we’ll let you decide the best hair removal method for you. We’re going to explore some of the more popular ways to remove hair here, so you can make the decision that will work best for you!

Firstly, let’s chat shaving…

I mean, ouch! Who likes those little nicks you get trying to navigate those knees and ankles? Further to this, if you’re like me, you always miss a spot. Sometimes, shaving may even feel like a never-ending battle that requires daily maintenance. Then of course there are the stubborn stubble and frequent runs to the drug store for new razors.

Waxing is another hair removal option.

It’s true, you can use waxing to remove hair. This is a specialized type of waxing, so put down that candle! Waxing is a fast way to remove hair, however, it may hurt like a b@#^&! In addition, waxing involves playing with sticky hot wax strips, and then the pain of ripping out the hair! Not to mention, it may even make your legs red and hot to the touch. Sounds a little uncomfortable, right? Unfortunately, leaving there is the possibility that the sticky wax residue may be left behind. This may be quite challenging to remove. However, it is entirely up to you what method you choose.

So you’re giving tweezing a go?

Is it just me or does this take forever? It seems that once I think I’m through the bulk of it, I suddenly sprout a ton more tiny hairs. Obviously, this doesn’t actually happen. But tweezing may be a lengthy process. Indeed it can remove hair, but, there is an investment of time that this takes. From meticulously plucking the hair and carefully calculating the style, this is not always a fun process. — Especially if you’re not a well trained professional.

And then there’s sugaring.

Is this the holy grail of hair removal? This traditional ancient Egyptian
technique uses natural paste to remove hair right from the root.
This paste is commonly made of lemon, sugar and water making a potential option free of harsh chemical additives. Unlike waxing, you do not need cloths or strips for easy removal. One really cool thing about sugaring is that the sugar does not stick to the top layer of the skin, so it doesn’t pull at live skin cells. Sugaring seems to be the superior hair removal technique because you remove the hair from the follicle. It is rumored that this encourages less of a blood supply the follicle overtime which may inhibit hair growth. Ideally, this will mean less hair growth leading to potentially finer and sparser hair.

Sugaring may leave your legs smooth, hairless, and ultimately glowing with minimal pain. Commonly, this may last from 4 to 6 weeks. Sugaring for the win!

Are you wondering, “Where on my body can sugaring be used?”

Sugaring can be gentle enough for even the most delicate areas when performed by a professional. So, when you look at it that way, you may consider using sugaring anywhere you would have previously chosen to wax. This can take a different amount of time, depending upon the area of focus.

Here is an idea of how long hair removal by specific body area may take:

an experienced aesthetician may complete this process in 10 minutes.

Arms: Arms, depend on how much hair you have, and if you shave. Your arms may take approximately 30 minutes to sugar this area.

Legs: Considering that this is a larger area, it may be a longer process. Your sugaring appointment may take at least 45 minutes.

So, what are the steps that body sugaring requires?

When you go to get sugaring done, first, the skin may be cleansed. Next up it is common to apply a powder to the skin. This may provide distance between sugar, paste, and skin. Once the skin is prepped, the sugar
paste is molded and slightly warmed. It is then applied to the skin against the natural hair growth. The dried paste is then pulled off in the same direction of hair growth, and bingo! That’s it! Your hair removal process is complete. After all the information, it begs the question, are their really other hair removal options?