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Our Mission

Whether you’re a first timer, long timer or some timer; we love building that relationship just as much as you do. Formerly known as Alexandria Body Sugaring & The Tanning Hut, Sweet Secrets is the independent people-powered atmosphere that is sure to inspire the love of your body. The freeing poise that makes you want to get out and do whatever it is that makes you truly happy. Our mission is to educate, accommodate and create all things sugar & beauty. We take our refined technique, our courtesy and our professionalism super seriously. We just don’t have to be super serious while we do it!


Sugaring is what we love, but it’s not all we do! With easy to reach locations in Winnipeg’s hippest neighbourhoods, Sweet Secrets is Winnipeg’s favourite sugaring destination.

Our flagship studio is located in the Polo Park area. In this bright, clean and buzzing studio you will feel immediately at ease. Located at 1771 Ness Ave., only a few minute’s walk from Polo Park Shopping Centre.

Our beautiful Waterfront studio is located at 228 Waterfront Drive, in Winnipeg’s downtown Exchange District, known for the area’s latest in fashion and beauty. Located just minutes away from Red River Collegiate and a short walk from Main Street.

*Formerly known as Alexandria & The Tanning Hut


Sugaring is the next hair removal trend you are going to be obsessed with. If you have not heard of sugaring before, it’s a method of removing unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth by applying a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair. Developed by ancient Egyptians who considered a hairless body synonymous with royalty, class and prosperity, sugaring has provided an effective cosmetic solution since the early ages.

about alexandria body sugaring

Our sugaring professionals are the best in the industry. They are trained, qualified and insured in the “art of sugaring” and know how to apply the sugar paste so that it’s less painful than waxing. Besides the obvious benefits of hair removal, sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells, it nourishes the skin and therefore actually improves the texture of your skin. (And who doesn’t want to have silky-smooth, glowing skin?)

Our expertise lies in The Bikini & The Brazilian. We have carried out thousands of bikini treatments and have developed a technique that is quick with minimum discomfort. Our sugaring paste is applied at body temperature, which makes it safe for all areas of the body and removes any risk of burning. Good to know: our unique sugaring treatment will get rid of all ingrown hairs caused through waxing or shaving.

A high percentage of our clients are male, so no need to worry. We have perfected the art, and you’ll be in and out before you know it. Don’t be shy, you’ll love the results!

Our Team

amber alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

It’s always a pleasure working with our clients and our team. What I love about the clients is building a relationship with them. Being able to put a smile on their face if they’ve had a bad day is so rewarding. Chatting and giving them the best quality service when they walk into Sweet Secrets.

ashley at alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

Working with Sweet Secrets (formerly Alexandria & The Tanning Hut) for almost two years has allowed me to learn and grow not only as a sugaring professional but as a person as well. I love meeting new clients and the personal yet almost always laughable stories we exchange with each other. 

amber body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

I have been sugaring at Sweet Secrets for over 10 years now. I love being able to provide the smoothest results with sugaring for my clients and providing the best customer service while making sure each one feels as comfortable as possible.

cheryl at alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

One of the things I really enjoy about the environment at Sweet Secrets is that the clients and the conversations we have are like talking to my girlfriends. Whether it’s about new lovers, old lovers, and if they have a bad day, just get it out and I’ll make sure you leave laughing .

chandra from alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

I fell in love with my work in 2003 when I first started at Sweet Secrets, which was at the time called Alexandria. It’s always felt like my calling. The clients satisfaction gives my job a true purpose to ensure that I am doing absolutely everything to make them feel comfortable in the fact that they will get the best experience I can possibly give them. I only have their best interest at heart.

working at alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

I get fulfillment from a client when we are both happy and satisfied with the job I’ve done. I look forward mainly to the conversation because over the years the conversations I’ve had in the room have not only uplifted my clients mood but mine as well. I also look forward to making woman and men feel good about themselves – it’s a great feeling.

nadia from alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

I have loved working at Alexandria (now known as Sweet Secrets) since 2016. I’ve been able to establish close relationships which has made work never feel like I’m actually “working”. My clients are always filled with such joy and happiness and nothing is as fulfilling as seeing them leave in an even better mood than when they arrived.

jessica alexandria body sugaring


Body Sugaring Professional

I have been passionate about body sugaring since joining Sweet Secrets (formerly Alexandria) in 2017. Meeting new faces and experiencing new clients has allowed me to learn and grow in both a work setting and as an individual as well. 

nessa at alexandria



As a 20 year old university student, I can absolutely say that I love working at Sweet Secrets because of our incredible clientele. They’re the most friendliest part of my day and seeing them happy with our service brings joy to my job.

berta at alexandria



I love working as a receptionist at Sweet Secrets Body Sugaring because of the daily interactions and experiences with customers. I’m able to greet new happy customers, share in laughs, and get to make new friendships with every visit.

alexandria body sugaring owner

The sense of pride when I walk through the doors every morning knowing we can brighten someone’s day, and make them feel good about themselves is the first thing I look forward to when coming into Sweet Secrets. Knowing that the staff truly enjoy doing what they do working on the clients and their desire to make them happy. We are like a family; a sisterhood.

I hope to encourage every customer to feel a sense of confidence knowing that their skin is clean, smooth and healthy — and most importantly that they can feel beautiful every time they leave our body sugaring salon.


founder, ceo & educator

Organic & Local

Our body sugaring paste is made locally using only organic and natural ingredients

2 Locations

A&B - 1771 Ness Avenue Winnipeg, MB

G&H - 228 Waterfront Drive Winnipeg, MB


Membership packages available to get the best of our services on a monthly basis.