Keep That Beachy Glow Through The Gloomy Winter With Tanning Beds


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I’m like most people and love fall and Halloween. But, just because I love Halloween, doesn’t mean I want to head into fall looking like a ghost. I imagine a beautiful olive green scarf with a gorgeous tan looking like I just stepped off a beach. That’s why I hit the tanning beds as soon as the weather turns to maintain my glowing looks.

Keep that beach vibe going all year round with tanning beds!

Now, envision after a hard week at work busting your butt. What you need is a relaxing time in tanning beds soaking up those powerful rays! Plus, what looks better with fabulous fall clothes than a balanced beautiful tan. That gorgeous burgundy, the epitome of fall, a nice v neck sweater showing off your clavicle? Just glowing with that stunning tan! With different tanning packages, you can plan ahead and schedule your tan to maintain that colour all year round.

Soak in that vitamin D, pick up a Pumpkin Spice Latte and head into Sweet Secrets . Relax under the rays and come out looking like a golden goddess. Simply choose the drop in option for $7.95 or look into maintaining that sunkissed glow with unlimited tanning beds sessions for 1 month, or 1 year. You’ll never have to let that glow fade!

If you’re like me, you like to glam it up with some lash extensions!

I love a matte lip colour in a simple nude or even a nice burgundy shade. Playing with different colours that will complement your gorgeous glowing skin, there is so much you can do! I hit up the tanning beds at Sweet Secrets knowing full well that I’m going to get to do a lot with my looks over the season.

From warm knit scarves in complementary colours, playing with shimmers and beautiful lips, there is so much you can do to capitalize on that tan! Did you know that you can even have eyelash extensions performed at Sweet Secrets, too? Every time I leave the salon, I ended up looking better than last, and that’s all thanks to these amazing women at the salon!
Until next time, sugar!